Welcome to MattZenoble.com! I am an Atlanta based graphic/web designer, marketing consultant, entrepenuer and fine artist. I attended Kennesaw State University from 2006-2010, earning a Bachelors in both Marketing and Management. While a student at KSU I participated in a student exchange program between Kennesaw University,  Zhuhai University and the Shanghai University of Engineering Science, focusing on Sino-American Multinational Corporations and the economics of business in China.

I enjoy creative design work, as well as fine art. Feel free to take a look at my work in the Porfolio section on this site. I have fine art, mostly oil paintings for sale here as welI. I enjoy producing creative and effective design work, and have a proficiency for Internet and social media marketing. If you need help with any design or marketing project, such as:

  • Logo and Website Design
  • Multimedia Marketing Projects
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email & Drip Marketing Campaigns
  • Effective Promotional Material

  • I would be happy to help you. Simply fill out the basic form on my Contact page to recieve a quote for your project. For a more detailed explaination of the services I provide simply take a look at the Services page.

    In 2013 myself and some friends founded an organization and collective for Atlanta artists called Kaleidoscape. Our 23,000 sqft vintage West End warehouse became a center for creative thought and inspiration with facilities for film production, workshop, galleries and studios, commercial space for creative startups, etc. Over the years we have hosted hundreds of events and benefits. If you are interested in joining or helping please contact our team through the Kaleidoscape Facebook page.

    In 2014 I started an industrial equipment and material storage business on 3 acres of fenced downtown Atlanta land I possessed. Zendusries LLC stored heavy machines and building materials for several major Atlanta construction firms as they worked to improve the downtown and Adair Park neighborhood

    In my free time I enjoy traveling, SCUBA diving, playing piano and writing music. I have a passion for history, particuarly ancient and classical Mediterranean cultures, and aspire to someday be a professor.

    Customer Feedback:

    "Matt Zenoble does really amazing work. The site he made looks great and everything works terrific, I would recommend his services to any of my friends or family. "

    - Mr. Dan Orzo, Troop 435.
    "Matt, that [packaging] looks really good, I could see something like this for our retail package! Thanks a lot! "

    - Jay Mullis, Green Dragon Pest Solutions.