Below are several galleries of graphic design, web design, and fine art I have completed since 2008. Click on one of the links below to jump to a particular section:

Graphic Design:

I've been performing professional graphic design for commercial clients since 2008, desiging media such as logos, business cards, website layouts, and converting concepts to print ready vector files. Since 2011 a significant amount of my design work has centered around promotional advertisements and flyers for entertainment and performance related events.

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Web Design:

I have been designing website layouts for 10 years. Below is a gallery of some sites that I have made for corporate clients, as well as professional and personal use. Click on a site thumbnail to preview a particular page.

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Large scale wall paintings or commercial advertisements, as well as hand painted signs, is something I have been doing since 2014. I find it challenging and enjoyable, if you have a mural concept or a business concept you would like to advertise on a wall, or large signage, I would love to help you.

Additional pictures coming soon.

Fine Art:

I enjoy working in a variety offine artistic mediums including scuplture, water color, graphite and charcoal - my preferred and most used medium is oil paint. Below is a small selection of various pieces I have completed.

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Other Projects:

I enjoy experimenting with new mediums and materials.

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