Graphic / Web Design

I enjoy helping clients turn their vision into a completed product, whether it's a new business logo, a website update, or rebranding an entire product line.

Fine Art

I take comissions of subject in any style, although oil paints are my favorite medium.

Meme/Emoji Translation

I am fluent in Memes and the Emoji language. Years of close observation and meticulous study enable me to translate from English any message or text, into emjois and/or memes. For longer messages, the Emoji Haiku can be written for only $15.

In 2013 myself and some friends founded an organization and collective for Atlanta artists called Kaleidoscape. Our 23,000 sqft vintage West End warehouse became a center for creative thought and inspiration with facilities for film production, workshop, galleries and studios, commercial space for creative startups, etc. Over the years we have hosted hundreds of events and benefits. If you are interested in joining or helping please contact our team through the Kaleidoscape Facebook page.

In 2014 I started an industrial equipment and material storage business on 3 acres of fenced downtown Atlanta land I possessed. Zendusries LLC stored heavy machines and building materials for several major Atlanta construction firms as they worked to improve the downtown and Adair Park neighborhood

In my free time I enjoy traveling, SCUBA diving, playing piano and writing music. I have a passion for history, particuarly ancient and classical Mediterranean cultures, and aspire to someday be a professor.